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1. Terms of disclaimer
We strongly recommend every user to read with ultimate care the conditions of using the service before visiting Socials Growth resource and using any of its services. Any user action as continuing to the resource from this page, using the resource, subscription to any services of the resource will be taken as these TOU accepting and agreeing by the user. Mind that these TOU refer to every user.

2. Terms and conditions interpretation
2.1 Socials Growth and any other references as we, its, our, us and others refer to this web resource, service owner and service official representatives.
2.2 «Service» must be read as any services provided by the Socials Growth resource including all service packs provided by the service as packages of Instagram followers, likes, autolikes, views. This also refers to any other service packages the Socials Growth service may introduce any moment in the future.
2.3 Any agreements (as additional so separate) refer to any relations between the Socials Growth service and any user visiting the resource or using the service. They can add these TOU.
2.4 We understand a user when it goes about you, customer, client or user. In such a way we understand any person who comes to the Socials Growth resource and who users any of the services offered by the resource.
2.5 Terms and conditions refer to any statements about the rules of using this resource indicated in the articles 1 – 15 of this document. These TOU are applied to the services provided by the Socials Growth resource.
2.6 Privacy Policy reflects a principle position of the Socials Growth service on the ways we extract, collect, keep and use the user sensitive data.
2.7 We use the term “Provision” in relation to all the parts, sub-parts and any proviso made herein in any part of this document.
2.8 We use the term “Socials network” in relation to Instagram in any part of this document.
2.9 “Followers” term means the list of people who follow accounts and can see their pictures or videos in their feed when account owners post them.
2.10 “Likes” term means the quantity of likes the get on photos and videos on Instagram.
2.11 “Autolikes” term means the monthly service, which automatically provides real likes on every future Instagram post that clients publish.
2.12 “Views” term means to the number of views photos and videos get on Instagram. This number is displaying the number of viewers having interacted with the page.
2.13 We use the term “real”, which means that we provide accounts of subscribers who have registered independently, show some activity in relation to their page (publish content, interact with other subscribers) or do not show one, has public or private accounts. The provided subscribers have the same characteristics as all Instagram users and show the same potential activity in relation to your page, as well as to other pages. Everything will depend on the content quality that you provide.
2.14 We use the term “genuine interest”, which means that all provided subscribers show a keen interest in any field of activity or content, and can also interact with it if it meets their expectations, desires or contributes to the achievement of their goals. We do not provide partners for business, ready-made customers or similar.
2.15 We use the term “organic promotion”, meaning that the content of packages (followers/likes/views) available for promotion (likes, views, and subscribers) is provided daily, measured and close to the actual activity on Instagram to avoid possible blocking. The amount of daily content may vary to a greater or lesser extent, but this does not affect the total number and/or duration of the package.
2.16 Based on the previous paragraphs, the subscribers provided by Socials Growth has the same properties as any Instagram users and can also unsubscribe from the page. We provide high-quality subscribers who will be interested in staying on your page, but we also admit the possibility of unfollows/inactivity for the reasons mentioned above.
2.17 The term refers to any action a user makes toward the content: subscribing to get updates on a desired piece of content as follower on Instagram.
2.18 The guarantee of the packages provided implies reimbursement of unsubscribed users. Features and refund procedures are described in paragraph 5.

3. Provided services and guarantees:
3.1 Socials Growth starts a new order within 24-72 hours after the payment was received. As soon as the order was started it will be finished within 7/30 days for 7/30 days package respectively (Socials Growth has a right to finish orders within 9/32 days respectively after the payment was made).
During the processing of the package, likes/views are provided within 12 hours from the date of publication of the new post, followers – within 24 hours every day. During holidays or in the case of a force majeure situation, delivery time may delay for 1-3 days or take up to 14/40 days respectively, however, we do our best to provide you with our services as quickly as possible.

Completion time may increase under these conditions:
– An invalid profile link
– No details are given on which posts/videos to deliver likes or views
– No access is given to the specific page, or the page is not public
In these cases, our support manager contacts customers to resolve these issues individually.

If the client did not respond to our emails within 2 weeks, or if he did not contact our support service on his own, the order is automatically closed and refund in such case is not provided.
For any questions related to the delivery time of services, contact us to

3.2 Our service implies executing and performing any promotions and commercial campaigns to assist clients to attract more followers, likes, views and other actions on Instagram.
3.3 The client accepts and agrees to the terms that Socials Growth carries no responsibility for any piece of content, any type of activity of followers and for the purposes a social network profile or page of the client.
3.4 The client understands that applying the thumb on the page under the payment button he accepts the statement that the purchase will become a subscription and can bill client again and process the same promotion package that has been bought when this thumb was applied.
3.5 Only the client is responsible for observation of any TOU of any disclaimer or agreement between the client and any third party.
3.6 Socials Growth service does not need access to the social network account of the client. The client is completely responsible for ensuring account’s safety and protection from unauthorized intervention.
3.7 By reading these TOU and ordering any of the services the client agrees and guarantees not to violate any provision the given contract or the contracts necessitated to be signed with any third party. It is a complete responsibility of the client to guarantee that the given TOU not contradicting any contract signed with any third party. The client part also guarantees that the Socials Growth service is not and will never become part of violation.
3.8 The client by reading these TOU gets informed that the Socials Growth service is not a partner or an affiliate to social platform it provides services on. These services are provided on Instagram.
3.9 The client guarantees that the Socials Growth service or services will not be used in violation of due laws which are or will be in force at a certain moment in the United Kingdom or globally.
3.10 The Socials Growth service takes a decision on termination or modification of services at any moment without notification of its clients, provided that the existing customers will get a full cycle of paid services or will get refunded.
3.11 The Socials Growth service has the right to modify, change, TOU, provisions of this document. The amendments will get effective right after their publication on this page or on any page of the Socials Growth resource.
3.12 The Socials Growth service may refuse to provide services to any client without explaining the reasons of the decision or refusal.
3.13 The reasons of refusals on the part of Socials Growth service may be the publication of undue content on the Instagram page or in the account as unlawful information or calls to action, defamatory data, offensive, threatening, libelous or the information which can be interpreted as objectionable. Another reason of refusal on the part of Socials Growth service is the publication of content which in any way violates the given TOU.
3.14 Socials Growth service does not apply automation software to artificially increase the numbers of likes, followers or views. We use only natural promotion based on real users activities. We do not apply bots or any other kind of software. Thus the service can not affect badly any social network account or a resource.
3.15 Employing real users Socials Growth service termination and withdrawal needs some time. We adopt the most realistic way of improving popularity of a social network account. To terminate small package services commonly takes from 7 to 14 days while withdrawal of larger packages of services may require a longer period of time varying from 30 to 60 days.
3.16 The Socials Growth service does not use fake accounts or profiles to perform social media services.
3.17 The Socials Growth service does not force any real user to like, share, follow or view any content in the client’s Instagram account in any way that violates the rights of a user and the TOU of a given social network.
3.18 The Socials Growth service does not force, stimulate or encourage any user to violate the TOU of Instagram.
3.19 The Socials Growth service does not use any techniques to mislead a user and induce to violate the rules of Instagram.
3.20 The Socials Growth service complies with TOU as well as with rules and limitations of social network platform as well as all laws in force at the moment of providing the services.
3.21 The Socials Growth service favors the interests of social network platform, but only technically. We do not have any agreements or contracts signed with social network accept of standard TOU an average user accepts on registering in social network. Our services do not violate any terms, conditions or limitations of social network. Our services are not detrimental to the rules of Instagram.

4. Refunds and payment
4.1 Current due prices for service packages of the Socials Growth are indicated on the next page opened by the link: The service Socials Growth has the sole right to change the prices without prior notifying of users. The change of the price implies the changes in the packs of services.
4.2 The price page is an integral part of these TOU.
4.3 The payment transferred to the bank account of the Socials Growth service can not be refunded unless the service fails to provide the services described after the order payment and confirmation.
4.4 We recommend users to use the Socials Growth system of dispute resolution if any kind of problems occurs.
4.5 Any user of the Socials Growth service is strongly recommended to clearly understand how the transactions are made on the part of the payment service and on the part of the service to get a clear vision of how systems are working and are integrated before taking any action to use the service. The Socials Growth service does not carry responsibility if a user does not read these TOU.
4.6 More information about compensation here

5. Reimbursement rules
5.1 At the beginning of the order and upon its completion, we record the number of followers in order to avoid disagreements.
5.2 The number of unfollows in the range of 1-5% of those provided according to the selected package is considered the norm and compensation aren’t provided.
5.3 The number of unfollows in the range of 5-20% is reimbursed by us.
5.4 If the number of unfollows was more than 20%, this indicates that you use additional promotion services and in this case, we do not cover the shortage unless you’ll provide us proof that you were not using any additional services.
5.5 The number of unfollows is recorded after the completion of the order (i.e., providing us with a full package number).
5.6 Within 3 days after the completion of the weekly order (“Organic Trial” and “Instagram Starter”) and 7 days for the monthly order (“Growth Impact”, “Instagram Boost”, “Guaranteed Popularity Growth”), you should write to Socials Growth Support Team via email if you think that your situation can be a subject for the refund policy.
5.7 The reimbursement period is up to 30 days from the moment we are notified of a drop in the number of subscribers.
5.8 Compensation of unsubscribed accounts is made once for one order.
5.9 The Socials Growth Team team reserves the right to change the terms of reimbursement without notice.

6. General service usage terms
6.1 The Socials Growth service keeps the right to change, replace and modify, terminate and offer new terms, conditions and provisions provided in this document. All the changes, amendments, revisions, alternations, terminations, replacements come into force right after being posted on the page of this document or on any other page of the Socials Growth resource.
6.2 The Socials Growth service keeps the sole right change, replace and modify, terminate and offer new parts or features of packs and services without notifying users. The users having paid the services on Socials Growth resource prior to changes can demand the pack of the services promised in prior TOU and descriptions of the service or may demand a refund.
6.3 The Socials Growth provides services only to customers being legal to enter into agreements and contracts in terms of age and solvency. If a user does not qualify for legal client the Socials Growth resource does not recommend to use the service. The service does not carry responsibilities towards such clients.
6.4 Any user is forbidden to take any actions which may cause damages, impairment or any other losses to the accounts of other users.
6.5 Any user of the Socials Growth service is forbidden to apply any automation tools as software or bots, spiders or any other automatic devices or manual actions to access the resource to copy or monitor the activity of the resource towards other clients without prior agreement with the officials or owner of the Socials Growth.
6.6 Any user is forbidden to use any devices, software or digital tools to interfere, prevent, stop the activity and services of Socials Growth resource.
6.7 Any user is forbidden to upload any malicious or viral software or content containing such software to the Socials Growth resource.
6.8 Any user is prohibited to take any unauthorized actions to get access, to interfere, damage or terminate the functioning and operating of the service.
6.9 These TOU describe the relations between the service and the user in the fullest and constitute a complete agreement.
6.10 Every mark up of this document including headings and subheadings of the service terms, numbers used in the text of TOU are used only for more convenient reading of a user. They are not used to limit the document. They neither determine all the provisions contained in the document.
6.11 The Socials Growth service has published a separate document of Privacy Policy which is an integral part of these TOU. The Privacy Policy is posted on a separate page to attract attention of a user and to necessitate a user to visit the page to stress certain considerations.
6.12 If the Socials Growth service fails to perform any right listed in these terms and condition, additional contracts and agreements as well as due laws in force by the time of the violation, it does not imply that the service has a desire or an intent to act so as this does not imply that the service is going to act in the way subsequently.
6.13 The Socials Growth service refer the sole right to assign certain rights which do not contradict the TOU to any users. The user has not the right to assign the rights considering using of the service to any other person.

7. The origin of the offered services
7.1 The Socials Growth service based on an advertising agency with 4 years of experience in Socials Media Marketing, which managed to build a strong and loyal customer base.
7.2 The Socials Growth service uses only its own base of real people by working with clients.
7.3 Likes are put by real users. The Socials Growth service guarantees that the clients will receive paid-up interactions with accounts.

8. Laws and Jurisdiction
8.1 All the problems arising from the use of services and which are indicated in the TOU should be resolved by an independent arbitration.
8.2 In case an independent arbitration can not resolve an issue of the dispute the issue can be transferred to any related and competent jurisdiction (court) of the United Kingdom.
8.3 Any user reading and agreeing to these TOU accepts that these rules must comply to the laws in force in the United Kingdom.
8.4 The courts to which the disputes are transferred should have the rights and the due jurisdictions to resolve such issues and disputes which can occur from these TOU.
8.5 All the notes and letters which shall be made according to these TOU or according to the due laws in force must be delivered timely if sent to the official lettering address or email of the service.
8.6 If the communication between the service and the third party involved in the resolution of the issue goes through the traditional postage service then the communications must be completed within the first five business days after posting.

9. The Intellectual property of the Socials Growth service:
9.1 The Socials Growth service takes all necessary steps and believes to non-infringe the third party copyrights during providing its services and performing its duties to the clients and partners. If any third party is able to provide the evidence of intellectual rights infringement by the Socials Growth service then this person or company should report the case to the officials of the company. The Socials Growth service guarantees to resolve the issue within the term of 14 business days after receiving of the notification on the rights infringement.

10. Rights for intellectual property
10.1 All the content without any possible limitations posted on the pages of the Socials Growth resource or within the service is the sole and integral property of the service. The content as other intellectual property of the Socials Growth service is protected by the due laws protecting copyrights which are at force in the United Kingdom and other countries globally.
Any user is forbidden to copy, use for own goals and intent, reproduce, host, distribute, reprint or print the content from the resource or service Socials Growth without getting official approving from Socials Growth authorities.
10.2 The Socials Growth service will take instantly the strictest legal actions to protect the intellectual and copyright in case of detection of right infringement.
10.3 Socials Growth service will also protect the rights which are not listed in this copy but which exist and are ensured by due governmental laws of the United Kingdom.

11. Re-compensation:
11.1 Any user guarantee not to engage the service or its participants as other users, directors, managers, employees or agents from any disputes and issues, claims and possible legal actions, damages caused by the actions of any third party which can occur from user’s linking the Socials Growth service, enjoyment of service, from violation of any third party contract or from infringement of rights of any third party.

12. Disclaimer
12.1 All the content published within the service or on its resource without limitations and including written text content, images, photos and other graphics materials, software, marketing and business communication which are available on the resource or through the service do not infringe the governmental laws in force of the United Kingdom and do not contain malware, viruses or any other software which can damage user’s account, computer or any other device or intellectual property.
The Socials Growth service does not guarantee or warrant in any way that the content does not contain mistakes as well as the content is accurate, complete or current.
12.2 Force Majeure conditions: Socials Growth is an official business entity and keeps to the commitments given to its partners, visitors, and clients. However, there are cases when the service is disabled to provide the services. Among force majeure conditions there are acts of God, lock-outs, disasters, riots, wars, strikes, earthquakes and any other cause which is beyond the control of the service. In case of such situations, neither the service nor the client should not keep the given responsibilities which are listed in the TOU. The Socials Growth service can be terminated until the force majeure conditions last. In case the force majeure continues for more than 30 days then any relations between a user and a service must be terminated and the user must claim the refund.
12.3 Liability and responsibility extent.
If other terms are not indicated in any other way (as additional or separate agreement) then the liability and responsibility of the service in front of the user should not exceed the original price the user has paid to get access to the service package.
12.4 The Socials Growth service guarantees that the TOU will be violated in no way. The service guarantees that none of the TOU of any social media platform as well as any rights of any user registered in a given social network will be violated.
12.5 The Socials Growth service considers all the errors and possible omissions.

13. Variability of the TOU
13.1 In any situation in which the TOU is found to be void, unenforceable or invalid in relation to any other condition, situation or circumstances, the certain condition should be severed from the TOU and replaced with a valid line.

14. Information on confidentiality
14.1 All parties involved in the service agree not to disclaim any personal, user or company sensitive data to any other third party unless it is forced by the due laws in force. Confidential pieces of information without limitation include business data and secret, business and marketing strategies, information ensuring identification of service users.

15. Contact information:
15.1 We carry out communication referring to the functioning and operation of the TOU via official company email:
15.2 For physical mailing of checks and other documents, the following address shall be used: Shelby Marketing Associates LTD, 12325735, Unit 16015, Ground Floor, 30 Bloomsbury street, London, WC1B 3QJ, United Kingdom.